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Forest Department

Forest Department

About Forest Department

Forestry involves the management of a broad range of natural resources within a forested area. In addition to timber, forests provide such resources as grazing land for animals, wildlife habitat, water


Business Rules

Scientific Management of existing public forest estates to maximize production of wood and minor forest produce to create new forest resources. Management of watersheds to conserve soil and



Increasing tree cover through planting on degraded forest lands and private lands. Efficient management of existing forests to satisfy the needs of people. Optimizing the production of forestry goods and services



Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) Forest Department has marvelous achievements in order to fulfill the requirements of future. There is a list of Azad Jammu & Kashmir forest department achievements.




5th Febuary
Kashmir Solidarity Day
13th July
Shauda-e-Kashmir Day
19th July
Ilhaq-e-Pakistan Day
24th October
Azad Kashmir Day