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Protection, preservation, conservation and Management of wildlife diversity, habitats and ensure its sustainable development.


Wildlife Department encompasses following areas throughout Province i.e. as 12-Wildlife Parks37-Sanctuaries24-Game Reserves are home to the Wildlife, where wild species are free ranging in nature or maximum closed to nature in parks. The 03-Zoos / 01-Safari Zoo are also the area where some critically endangered or rare species are being bred under captive management and also rehabilitated in wildlife parks / zoos for replenishing wild stock maintained for future needs.  
The Department is endeavoring to protect conserve and maintain existing wildlife species on sustainable basis in view of the wider conservation maintained among the threatened or endangered species i.e. Urial have been bred, successfully with the help of CBOS in their respective areas. As such periodically liaison with the National and International organization is reviewed for exchange of the animals most wanted in zoos / parks and as such the status of wildlife in the Province is in progress and improving. The department has so far achieved successful breeding of various animals and birds in Wildlife Parks/Zoos like Hog Deer, Blue Bull, Chinkara, Nil Gai, Urial, Ring-necked Pheasants, Peafowls etc. However, local captive bred animal stock, Safari Hunting’s / Pheasant Shootings taken place in the past 2006-2008 at Khanewal, Pirowal forest reserves and as well Pheasant Shooting held at Kallar Kahar, Sardi and Dohk Tallian, Chakwal. 


Nature has blessed Pakistan (Punjab) with diversified colorful topographic conditions, which have given rise fabulous and wonderful wildlife. The Punjab Province is fertile and the Punjabi’s are enterprising people’s harnessing with the variety of field crops on which the man and wildlife together remain feeding on. The Wildlife department is protecting, conserving and managing wildlife for its multiplication and multiple uses on sustainable basis, for achieving specific goals in nature as well as in wildlife parks / zoos from where the people may have recreation and aesthetic consolation out of nature leisure.