Montane Temperate Forest

Montane Temperate Forest

1. Himalayan Moist Temperate Forests
Altitudinal Range 4500-10000 ft  (1365-3030m)
Rain Fall 55-65 inches (914-1650mm) - (More than 50% as snow)

Evergreen forests comprising of Oak, deciduous broad leaved and coniferous species with dense undergrowth of both evergreen and deciduous species. These types occur in Neelum Valley and Jhelum Valley of Muzaffarabad district and Rawalakot, Bagh and Haveli areas of Poonch district.

Common Species

Conifers:- Deodar (Cedrusdeodara) Kail (Pinuswallichina), Fir ( Abiespindrow), Spruce ( Piceasmithiana).

            Broad leaved:- Oak (Quercusspp) Horse-chestnut (Aesculusindica), Walunt (Juglansregia), Maple (Acer caesium) Jasmine (Jasminniumspp) Guchh (Vibernumnervosum) Pasair (Parrotiajacquemontiana), Ash (Fraxinus excelsior).
2. Dry Temperate Forests
Altitudinal Range 4500-9500 ft. (1365-2880m)
Rain Fall 40-50 inches (1015-1270mm) - (More than 60% as snow)
Distribution The forests of Upper Neelum valley and Leepa valley having sparse xerophytic growth with coniferous vegetation come under this type.
Common Species

Conifers:-Deodar (Cedrusdeodara), Fir (Abiespindrow), Spruce (Piceasmithiana), and Kail (Pinuswallichiana).
Broad leaved:- Oak (Quercus ilex). Ash (Fraxinusexcelior), Horse-chest-nut (Aesculusindica), Walunt (Juglansregia) Pasair (Parrotiajacquemontiana) Maple (Acer caesium), Perth (Prunuspadus)